Opponaut to the Rescue

I roll into the parking lot of my local supermarket in my new TL, and upon exiting the vehicle am approached by a little old lady clutching her keyfob. "How I open car?" she asks me, in an Eastern European accent, "It no work." She's standing next to a beige Grand Cherokee WK-series, her groceries in her cart nearby. » 10/09/14 9:57pm 10/09/14 9:57pm

Why no A-10 vs ISIS?

At this very moment, Islamic State fighters backed by tanks, are trying (and succeeding, its seems) in taking the northern Syrian border town of Kobani (aka Ayn-al-Arab). While the Turkish army looks on from the heights across the border, Kurdish militias are fighting a fierce gun battle in the eastern part of the… » 10/08/14 7:12pm 10/08/14 7:12pm

2008 Acura TL: The Oppositelock Review

[Full Disclosure: Acura wanted me to drive the TL so bad they sent me on an all-expenses paid trip to Japan for 3 months where I partied with Japanese actresses, had tea with the Emperor, made a speech to the Diet, was carried up Mount Fuji in a palanquin and got me all the sushi and sake I wanted. Correction: none of… » 10/08/14 3:59pm 10/08/14 3:59pm